We are GreenPlus.

We are excited to show you a little bit about us!


With over 15 years in the “green” business, we continue to increase our knowledge. We deliver the most complex “green” projects for all contractors.

Fast Results

With our extensive team members, we are able to deliver and execute projects in a fast pace within budget and expected timeframe.

Quality Design

We provide the best results that our client within the industry. Quality and Customer Satisfaction are our main drivers.  We do not finalize our project until our clients are fully satisfied.


With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are equipped to cover large site and projects to seed and fertilize in short-period of time.

Tree Planting

We work with the largest nurseries in Michigan. Hence, we have access and capacity to design and execute landscaping projects for both government clients (highways) and commercial (new buildings). We are able to mobilize large number of plantings to any location in Michigan.

Brick Pavers & Retaining Walls

As one of the leading firms in the design and execution of brick pavers, we have extensively installed sidewalks, parks and schools. We have worked with city halls and general contractors in large scale projects. Similarly, we are one of the premier builders of retaining walls for the Michigan DOT.

Government Services

We work with government institutions providing “green” solutions to roads, highways, and other sites such as State Parks.

We work mainly in the State of Michigan though we have previously conducted work in Indiana. It is our intention to expand to neighborhood states: Ohio and Illinois.

Working with the best

Our commitment to quality and excellence is translated into results. We have one of the highest retention rates in the industry. Our clients satisfaction and repetitive business is our main focus of our success.

Professional Membership & Certifications

  • MDOT Certified (Michigan DOT)
  • IDOT Certified (Illinois DOT)
  • INDOT Certified (Indiana DOT)
  • Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association
  • Builders Exchange Network – Grand Rapids

Coverage Area

Based on the outskirts of Grand Rapids, we currently serve projects in a 200 mille radius, including Indiana and Illinois.

Government Contracting

As a DOT prequalified contractor, we provide “green” solutions and construction in large and complex roads and highways projects throughout the State of Michigan. We specialized in:

– slope restoration

– retaining walls

– hydroseeding/fertilization

– tree planting

– pavers

Commercial Contracting

We work with general contractors in providing “gree” scope projects for new building and rehabilitation -construction. We have completed extensive projects for new schools, hospitals, retail centers, banks and parks. Our scope of work:

– water basin

– hydroseeding

– tree planting

– pavers